Boundaries are essential for a healthy relationship, but it's hard to know how to set them or maintain them.

We all have different needs and desires that we want out of our relationships with other people and the world at large. Setting boundaries is an important part of being able to honor those needs while still maintaining happy, mutually beneficial relationships with others.

This 3 month group coaching program will help you learn how to identify what your boundaries are in any given situation, communicate them effectively and handle setback with grace.

A 3-month Group Coaching Program

with Krystal Mazzola, Best-selling author and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Dates for next round of program to be announced at a later time

Weekly Journal Prompts, Worksheets, and Handouts to Guide Your Learning

Receive personalized support and be held accountable to your goals with love each week

Bonus material created based on your specific needs

Spaces are extremely limited to provide an intimate environment where you can truly share and grow

Group Coaching Schedule Preview

  • 1

    Week 1: Setting Intentions for Your Growth

    • Journal - What are my goals?

    • Setting Intentions for the Program - Coaching Call

  • 2

    Week 2: Identifying Your Personal Limits

    • Journal - What are my boundaries?

    • Identifying Your Personal Limits - Coaching Call

    • Boundaries - Definitions Handout

  • 3

    Week 3: Knowing Your Authentic "Yes" or "No"

    • Journal - Do I trust myself?

    • Knowing Your Authentic "Yes" or "No" - Coaching Call

    • Visualization Research - Handout

  • 4

    Week 4: Discovering Your Genuine Needs, Wants, & Values

    • Journal - Am I Being True to Myself?

    • Discovering Your Authentic Needs, Wants, & Values - Coaching Call

    • Identifying My Values - Worksheet

    • What can I be flexible about? - Worksheet

  • 5

    Week 5: Coping with the Fear & Discomfort of Conflict

    • Journal - What am I afraid of losing?

    • Coping with the Fear & Discomfort of Conflict - coaching call

    • Conflict Management Skills - Handout

    • Coping Ahead - Worksheet

  • 6

    Week 6: Asking for Support & Help with Less Anxiety

    • Journal - What do I believe about vulnerability?

    • Asking for Support & Help with Less Anxiety - coaching call

    • Receiving Support - Worksheet

  • 7

    Week 7: Asserting Yourself with Confidence When You Don't Feel Respected

    • Journal - What do I need to say?

    • Asserting Yourself with Confidence When You Don't Feel Respected - coaching call

    • Preparing my words - worksheet

  • 8

    Week 8: Dealing with Frustration Effectively

    • Journal - How do I cope with seback?

    • Dealing with Frustration Effectively - coaching call

    • Coping Skills for Frustration - Handout

    • What do I need to accept? - Worksheet

  • 9

    Week 9: Identifying What Your Responsibilities Are & What Aren't

    • Journal - How responsible do I feel in my relationships?

    • Appropriate Accountability - Worksheet

    • False Guilt - Worksheet

    • Identifying What Your Responsibilities Are & What Aren't - coaching call

  • 10

    Week 10: Feeling Safe Regardless of Others' Actions

    • Journal: How safe do I feel?

    • Feeling Safe Regardless of Others' Actions - coaching call

    • Strategies to Stay Grounded - Handout

    • My commitment to myself - Worksheet

  • 11

    Week 11: Trusting Yourself More to Maintain Your Boundaries

    • Journal: Do I listen to myself?

    • Trusting Yourself More to Maintain Your Boundaries - coaching call

    • Developing Your Intuition - Worksheet

  • 12

    Week 12: Keeping Your Self-Commitments to Maintain Your Boundaries Long-Term

    • Journal - What's most important in a healthy, lasting relationship to me?

    • Keeping Your Self-Commitments to Maintain Your Boundaries Long-Term - coaching call

    • My Long-Term Needs - Worksheet

    • Accountability Strategies - Worksheet

What Others Have Said about Working with Me

Natural Healer Who Helped Me Actually Recover


"I started seeing Krystal a few years ago, before she started her own practice. I feel like I grew with her and that is the most wonderful part about therapy with her. She assisted me with couples counseling and also guided me down my own path with EMDR to heal my PTSD. I have since graduated therapy as I was able to meet every single goal I had with her. She is a caring, patient, open-minded, gifted and natural healer that I would recommend to anyone. She is the only therapist that ever helped me take action instead of just talking about my issues, helping me actually recover instead of just maintain. For that, I am forever grateful!"

The Courage to Speak Up


This course has helped me truly to listen to my emotional reactions and what they may be telling me. I overheard my mom call me a name. In the past I would have let it festered and if she saw me cry I would have said I just was tired. After taking Krystal’s course I noticed my shame and anger. Instead of keeping it hidden, I felt empowered to go up to my mom and calmly confront her. We were able to talk and even though it was hard, I was happy I had the tools necessary to communicate what I was feeling without allowing resentment settle into my heart.

Communication Skills & Me Time

Katie B.

I was able to learn and implement the new communication skills you taught me which prevented me from exploding about something towards my husband. Also, identifying and actually writing down my non-negotiables on paper was helpful and brought forward some awareness. I also created a self-soothing box, and I didn't realize how much I needed this and how beneficial it will be for me to have ME-TIME and pamper myself with things I love.

Life Altering Lessons


Loving ones self, at surface level, is a concept that we probably all have taken for granted at some point if not ALL our lives. I believe it's easy to say, "Yes, I love myself". Taking it a step beyond and digging in to what Self Love truly means takes an extreme level of self honesty, accountability and transparency. Krystal's course does an amazing job of kindly guiding you into this discovery with intention and ease. It broadens on deepening our understanding of why we are how we are, and coming to acceptance that our journeys thus far do not have to dictate our future paths. Highly recommend Krystal's self love course but with encouragement that you do not start the course until you have the time to dedicate to the learnings. They truly are life altering.

Loving Support & Understanding


Self-love is something that isn’t talked about enough in our society, so having this platform where others could come together and be vulnerable and discuss these self-love topics was priceless. Krystal did an amazing job navigating through the content and making it relatable as well as digestible. There was never moments of judgment or criticism, it was full of loving support and understanding. You can be on any level of your self love journey and gain so much insight and clarity from this course! I loved it and will carry with me all of the insight I gained always.

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