Do You Find Yourself Constantly Saying "Yes" to Things that Don't Make You Happy?

Do you feel guilty saying "no" to others?

You know what it's like. You're out with friends, and someone asks you to do something that you really don't want to do. So you say "yes," even though a small part of you is screaming "no." And then you spend the rest of the night feeling resentful and drained.

Sound familiar? If so, it's time to learn how to set boundaries and start being true to yourself.

You are ALREADY Good Enough

This 4-week system teaches you how to uncover the brilliance that already lives inside of you. Tapping into your inherent strength allows you to create the authentic life of your dreams.

  • Break the endless cycle of stress & burn-out by learning how to say "no"....without guilt!

  • Learn exactly what to say to speak up for yourself with clarity & confidence

  • Increase your self-esteem by reclaiming (or discovering) your true self

  • Take back your time for the things you most value to have a rich, meaningful life

  • Let go of the never-ending to-do list by identifying your values, wants, & needs

  • Have healthy relationships filled with peace, mutual satisfaction, & respect

  • Manage anxiety effectively with skills proven effective by research

  • Have more energy & sleep better by choosing how you spend your energy sustainably

  • Reconnect with fun & rest without guilt or self-judgment

  • Earn more money because you're able to charge what you're worth &/or negotiate your salary

Hi! I'm Your Instructor, Krystal Mazzola!

I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. For over a decade, I’ve worked with countless clients to improve their lives and relationships. I’ve also authored two best-selling books about healthy connections.

Early in my career, I observed many of my clients struggling with the stress and insecurity related to people pleasing. In my personal life, I was experiencing this same challenge. For myself, and my clients, I was determined to find a system that truly works to heal people pleasing patterns.

Through years of dedication, I created the 4-part system you will learn in this course to effectively overcome people pleasing patterns for life.

This system allowed me to experience a total life transformation going from a life filled with unhealthy, one-sided relationships to experiencing the authentic life of my dreams.

I’ve witnessed this same radical change in my clients’ lives. Where they were insecure and filled with self-doubt, they became confident and empowered. Where they had relationships which drained their energy, they healed their relationships to be mutually rewarding.

One of the greatest privileges of my life is watching people’s lives positively change due to this system. It is my sincere hope I can be a support to you as well. I’ve eliminated all the guesswork from this process.

To reclaim your life and energy, all you need to do is show up for the lessons. Just practice the skills and watch your life and relationships transform.

Change Your Entire Life in 4 Weeks

We all learn in different ways - this course is designed to meet your needs in a space that's supportive, non-judgmental, & informative.

  • Worksheets, Handouts, & Journal Prompts

    Each week you are provided tools to help you gain clarity on who you really are to support you in claiming the life of your dreams - confidently!

  • Lifetime Access

    All the skills are provided to you in 4 weeks but this sort of dramatic transformation takes time, commitment & practice. You are supported throughout your journey with access to this material for life.

  • Exclusive Community Access

    Your enrollment provides you lifetime membership inside of an exclusive community on Facebook filled with others who also value being true to themselves (yay!). Krystal will continue to be your guide & support here while you learn from others too!

Hear From Past Students

The Empowerment to Speak Up


This course has helped me truly to listen to my emotional reactions and what they may be telling me. I overheard my mom call me a name. In the past I would have let it festered and if she saw me cry I would have said I just was tired. After taking Krystal’s course I noticed my shame and anger. Instead of keeping it hidden, I felt empowered to go up to my mom and calmly confront her. We were able to talk and even though it was hard, I was happy I had the tools necessary to communicate what I was feeling without allowing resentment settle into my heart.

Communication Skills & Me Time

Katie B.

I was able to learn and implement the new communication skills you taught me which prevented me from exploding about something towards my husband. Also, identifying and actually writing down my non-negotiables on paper was helpful and brought forward some awareness. I also created a self-soothing box, and I didn't realize how much I needed this and how beneficial it will be for me to have ME-TIME and pamper myself with things I love.

Do you feel like you're always putting others first and forgetting about yourself? If so, this course is for you.

Ongoing Support to be Confidently Authentic

You truly aren't alone anymore - look at these bonuses!

  • Direct Guidance

    Bump into any challenging situations along the way? Krystal is here to provide you guidance & support in the group throughout your journey!

  • Freebies & Bonuses

    You will have the opportunity to answer a survey about your specific needs. If your need isn't yet addressed in the course, you can expect Krystal to add bonus worksheets & lessons to the curriculum!

  • Personalized Support

    You are provided opportunities to share & ask questions in the curriculum & your Facebook group. Krystal replies to all questions within 24-48 hours. You truly aren't alone anymore!


  • What if I need ongoing support to be more confident & authentic?

    This is such a smart question! The reality is that you are embarking on life-changing work that does require support. This is exactly why you receive access to an exclusive group on Facebook to support your ongoing journey. You will receive helpful reminders in the group; be able to ask any questions; share wins; & learn from others' experiences as well!

  • What if I need longer than 4 weeks to complete this?

    This totally makes sense! The curriculum is designed to teach you in just 4 weeks how to stay true to matter what. That being said, it's also designed for you to learn at your own pace & come back to the materials as needed. This is why you receive lifetime access to the course!

  • What if I don't know who I am authentically?

    Thank you for being brave enough to ask this question. This is such a common feeling but it's rarely discussed. This course is specifically designed to help you gain clarity on who you really are. Like all relationships, the one with your authentic self takes time to cultivate but you will gain all the essential tools to discover who you really are with clarity & efficacy.

  • Why are you qualified to teach me about confident authenticity?

    Great question! I have over a decade of clinical practice as a licensed marriage & family therapist. During this time, I've specialized in relationship concerns (including codependency) & trauma. I've learned research-proven skills to become assertive (speak up) & to learn to have good self-esteem (confidence). All the tools you learn in this course are based on what research has proven is effective (alongside my personal & professional experience).

  • What if I see no results?

    I believe in this course completely. This same material changed my entire life. Yet, if you demonstrate you have fully engaged with the curriculum, completed your worksheets, and asked for support along the way as needed, I will give you a full refund of the purchase price.

What Others Have Said About Krystal's Work

Natural Healer who Helped me Actually Recover


"I started seeing Krystal a few years ago, before she started her own practice. I feel like I grew with her and that is the most wonderful part about therapy with her. She assisted me with couples counseling and also guided me down my own path with EMDR to heal my PTSD. I have since graduated therapy as I was able to meet every single goal I had with her. She is a caring, patient, open-minded, gifted and natural healer that I would recommend to anyone. She is the only therapist that ever helped me take action instead of just talking about my issues, helping me actually recover instead of just maintain. For that, I am forever grateful!"

Able to Communicate My Feelings & Boundaries Now


"This is the first self help book I’ve ever read, and it is the best thing I’ve bought for myself. I struggled so much with putting myself last and putting everyone else’s needs first. I’ve also been unhealthily codependent on my bf to cope with what feels like a mountain of responsibility. Reading has helped mend my romantic relationship, gotten better at communicating my feelings and boundaries. To any one struggling with codependency, I recommend this book and hope you get better too."

Holy S***


"This book changed my life. I wanted to highlight every other sentence. The author writes things in a very straightforward and easy to understand way. The book doesn’t get bogged down by too many irrelevant client anecdotals, which I personally find unnecessary and distracting at best, or extremely triggering at worst. I feel like this book has given me the clarity I need to realize what habits of mine actually actually stem from codependency, and to recognize and work on my codependent relationships. There are so many things in my life that I’ve chalked up to different causes, anxiety, depression, adhd, perfectionism, “laziness”, and am slowly realizing that they’re rooted in codependency. Obviously this isn’t the answer to everything, but it sure has given me a lot of perspective. This book doesn’t do a super deep dive into anything, but that’s actually part of what I liked about it. It didn’t feel overwhelming or hard to read, and things were easy to go back to. I highly recommend picking this up, even if it’s just to read once and pass along, I bought 3 copies for myself and family/friends!"